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Civil Rights

African-American Political and Cultural Figures page of "Camera on Assignment: The Ollie Atkins Photograph Collection" has some excellent images of political and cultural leaders in the 1950s and 1960s. All the images are copyrighted to George Mason University Libraries and there is no information on use restrictions other than to contact the institution.Excellent download quality.

Birmingham News photographs of civil rights activity in that city have just been discovered and many of those images are now online, along with the story of how they were discovered. An wonderful new resource. According to the site " Photos may not be reproduced without prior written consent." Excellent download quality.

Civil Rights Movement Veterans This is a great site with amazing photographs. (To get to the photographs click on "Images" on the list on the left side of the screen on the homepage.) Unfortunately the captioning isn't always very clear. To find out who took the photograph and equally as importantly who owns it, right click on the image. Click on "properties" and a box will appear. The credit is listed in brackets under "alternate text." Be very careful with these photographs. They are copyrighted.




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Civil Rights

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