Examining the Evidence
Seven Strategies for Teaching
with Primary Sources

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Candidates for a Primary Sources Library


Captured History, 6 books, Grades 5-9
Birmingham 1963
Breaker Boys
Little Rock Girl 1957
Man on the Moon
Migrant Mother
Raising the Flag

First-Person Histories, 6 books, Grades 3-6
Diary of Carrie Berry: A Confederate Girls
Diary of Charlotte Forten: A Free Black Girl Before the Civil War
Diary of Sallie Hester: A Colonial Quaker Girl
Diary of Sarah Gillespie: A Pioneer Farm Girl
Diary of William Bircher A Civil War Drummer

Searchlight Books, Lerner Publishing

What Can We Learn from Ancient Civilizations, 6 books, Gr 3-5
Tools and Treasures of Ancient Egypt
Tools and Treasures of Ancient China
Tools and Treasures of Ancient Greece
Tools and Treasures of Ancient Mesopotamia
Tools and Treasures of Ancient Rome
Tools and Treasures of Ancient Maya

National Geographic
The World Is Waiting for You , Barbara Kerley, Grades Pre-K-3
One World, One Day , Barbara Kerley, Grades Pre-K-3
You and Me Together , Barbara Kerley, Grades Pre-K-3
A Little Peace , Barbara Kerley, Grades K-3

Charlesbridge Publishing, with the Global Fund for Children
Come Out and Play , Maya Ajmera and John D. Ivanko, Grades Pre-K-1
Children from Australia to Zimbabwe , Maya Ajmera and Anna Rhesa Versola, Grades 3-6
Children of Native America Today , Yvonne Wakim Dennis and Arlene Hirschfelder, Grades 3-6
Children of the U. S. A ., Ajmera, Dennis, Hirschfelder , and Cynthia Pon, Grades 3-6

Abrams Books for Young Readers

Tell All the Children Our Story, Tonya Bolden, Grades 4-8
Traveling the Freedom Road, Linda Barrett-Osborne, Grades 5-9
Miles to Go for Freedom, Linda Barrett-Osborne, Grades 7 up
The Girl from the Tar Paper School, Teri Kanefield, Grades 4-8
Searching for Sarah Rector, Tonya Bolden, Grades 5-9


Other Books for Teachers

Reading Like a Historian: Teaching Literacy in Middle & High School History Classroom, Sam Wineburg, Daisy Martin and Chauncey Monte-Sano, Teacher's College Press

Every Book Is a Social Studies Book: How to Meet Standards with Picture Books, K-6, Jeanette Balantic and Andrea S. Libresco, ABC-CLIO


Excerpts from Examining the Evidence
Get a sense of what this book is about and whether it could help you teach with primary sources in your classroom.
Excerpt 1: From Strategy 3--Look for Bias
Excerpt 2. From Strategy 4--Examine Closely the Source Itself

Foreword by Sam Wineburg
Read the foreword to the book, written by eminent scholar in the field of history education Sam Wineburg.
Reviews of Examining the Evidence
See what teachers and other reviewers have to say about the book
Support Material
The book containsimages and text from many sources. We've included a number of photographs from our own collection. We've posted high-resolution versions of those images here as part of our printable posters collection.