Asian American History Resources
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Asian American History Timeline 
Just what it says it is. It goes back to the 1600s and up to 1989. Good for filling in the bare bones. A few dates have links to historical documents.

Japanese American Veterans Association This is an umbrella website representing a number of Japanese American Veterans' organizations throughout the United States. The site is a fantastic place for research into Japanese American Veterans, particularly from World War II. Check it out! See also the book American Patriots now listed on page 2 of our book pages.

Chinese Contribution to the Transcontinental Railroad
This section of the Central Pacific Railroad Photographic History Museum offers a brief history of Chinese Workers on the transcontinental railroad, illustrated with photographs from the railroad's museum and useful integrated links.

San Francisco Chinese
The Museum of the City of San Francisco hosts an online collection of documents and articles on the history of Chinese Americans in San Francisco.

The Japanese Texans
This is a clear, attractive history of Japanese Americans in Texas. It's well written and accessible and full of fascinating information.

Asian American Baseball on the Web
If you don't think baseball is serious history . . .

Behind Barbed Wire at Amache
The University of Denver Museum of Anthropology presents a carefully documented history of the Japanese American internment during World War II, as well as specific information about Camp Amache, near Granada, Colorado.

Japanese American Exhibit and Access Project
The University of Washington Libraries to provide enhanced access to the UW Libraries holdings on the incarceration of Japanese Americans during World War II. Included in the project is a virtual exhibit focusing on the Puyallup assembly center, Camp Harmony, and enhanced access to archival guides and inventories of UW Libraries Special Collections.


American Patriots: MIS In the War Against Japan
This book by Stanley L. Falk and Warren M. Tsuneishi is amazing and revealing. Based on a series of interviews with Caucasian and Japanese American veterans of the Military Intelligence Service, American Patriots tells the stories of the Japanese American translators who served in the Pacific Theater during and after World War II. See more on our Books pages.


LOUISiana Digital Library This broad database includes a hige variety of documents and images. The collections gathered here include The American Missionary Association collection at the Amistad Research Center. This site has some rare images of Christian Japanese and Chinese Americans from the early twentieth century. Excellent download quality.


Portrait, ca. 1900.
Austin/Thompson Collection