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1997 Library Association Dartmouth Medal
1997 Association of Jewish Libraries Reference Award
Choice Outstanding Academic Book, 1998
1998 National Jewish Book Award in Women's Studies

Jewish Women in America
An Historical Encyclopedia
Edited by Paula E. Hyman, Deborah Dash Moore

This encyclopedia provides the first standard reference work on the lives, history and activities of Jewish women in the United States. Covering a period which extends from the arrival of the first Jewish women in North America in 1654 to the present, this two-volume set presents the most comprehensive and detailed portrait of American Jewish women ever published, and brings together for the first time the wealth of recent scholarship.




Hine Sight
Black Women and the Re-Construction of American History
Darlene Clark Hine
Indiana University Press

"In this absolutely needed collection of essays by one of the leading American historians of our generation, the richly intertwined community-making and self-making that shaped the historical experience of African American women shines out like a beacon." - Susan M. Reverby, Luella LaMer Associate Professor for Women' s Studies, Wellesley College



Ar'n't I a Woman?
Female Slaves in the Plantation South, Revised Edition
with a new introduction and an additional chapter
Deborah Gray White
W. W. Norton

This new edition of Ar'n't I a Woman? reviews and updates the scholarship on slave women and the slave family, exploring new ways of understanding the intersection of race and gender and comparing the myths that stereotyped female slaves with the realities of their lives. Above all, this groundbreaking study shows us how black women experienced freedom in the Reconstruction South — their heroic struggle to gain their rights, hold their families together, resist economic and sexual oppression, and maintain their sense of womanhood against all odds.


A Choice Outstanding Academic Book of 1996

Stolen Childhood
Slave Youth in Nineteenth-Century America
Wilma King
Indiana University Press

Wilma King sheds light on a tragic aspect of slavery in the United States--the wretched lives of the millions of children enslaved in the nineteenth-century South. King follows the slave child's experience through work, play, education, socialization, resistance to slavery, and the transition to freedom.

"King's deeply researched, well-written, passionate study places children and young adults at center stage in the North American slave experience."




Red Earth, White Lies
Native Americans and the Myth of Scientific Fact
Vine Deloria, Jr.
Fulcrum, Inc.

Leading Native American scholar and author of the best-selling books God Is Red and Custer Died for Your Sins, Vine Deloria, Jr., addresses the conflict between mainstream scientific theory about the world and the ancestral worldview of Native Americans. Claiming that science has created a largely fictional scenario for American Indians in prehistoric North America, Deloria offers an alternative view of the continent’s history as seen through the eyes and memories of Native Americans.


American Patriots
MIS In the War Against Japan
Stanley L. Falk and Warren M. Tsuneishi
Japanese American Veterans Association

American Patriots: MIS in the War Against Japan is not a long book, and it is not a “heavy” book, but it is an amazing and revealing book. Based on a series of interviews with Caucasian and Japanese American veterans of the Military Intelligence Service, American Patriots tells the stories of the Japanese American translators who served in the Pacific Theater during and after World War II. Some of the stories are as hair-raising, and heroic as any movie by Steven Spielberg or Tom Hanks. This book adds important stories to both World War II and American history.


Huck's Raft
A History of American Childhood
Steven Mintz
Belknap Press

No aspect of American life is as shrouded in idealizing myth as childhood. In this compelling work of historical synthesis, University of Houston history professor Mintz argues forcefully ... that for most of the past three centuries childhood has been the exception rather than the norm. ... That childhood has mostly been less than ideal is not surprising. What may be, for many readers, is Mintz's portrait of just how far from the ideal this country has been—and perhaps continues to be—in meeting the health needs, education and welfare of all its children. Publisher's Weekly


The Chinese in America
A Narrative History
Iris Chang
Penguin Books

In an epic story that spans 150 years and continues to the present day, the bestselling author of "The Rape of Nanking" tells of a people's search for a better life--the determination of the Chinese to forge an identity and a destiny in a strange land and to find success.




Through Deaf Eyes
A Photographic History of an American Community
By Douglas Baynton; Jack R. Gannon; Jean Lindquist Bergey
Gallaudet University Press

In 2001, the Smithsonian Institution presented the landmark photographic exhibition History Through Deaf Eyes, representing nearly 200 years of United States deaf history. Drawing heavily on the extensive archives at Gallaudet University, the curators created an exhibition that drew more than 400,000 people viewed at the Smithsonian and in 12 cities during a five-year national tour. Its popularity prompted the production of a documentary film for national broadcast on the Public Broadcasting System. Now, the photographs, quotes, and stories from this remarkable exhibit and documentary have been assembled in a book of stunning beauty and poignant images, Through Deaf Eyes: A Photographic History of an American Community .


Deaf History Unveiled
Interpretations from the New Scholarship
John Vickrey Van Cleve
Gallaudet University Press

A collection of fourteen essays by well-known scholars that presents a review of the Deaf experience in the Western Hemisphere during the past four centuries. Beginning with Susan Plann's assessment of the rudiments of Deaf education in the 16th century and ending with Harlan Lane's perspective on cochlear implants, the text tries to undermine traditional bias and exposes a pattern of suppression. Annotation copyright Book News, Inc. Portland, Or

When the Mind Hears
A History of the Deaf
Harlan Lane
Vintage Books

An authoritative statement about the world of the deaf, their education, and their struggle against prejudice.

Impassioned, polemical...[a work of] immense scholarship, powers of historical reconstruction, and deep empathy for the world of...the deaf."--Oliver Sacks,

The Unseen Minority
A Social History of Blindness in the United States
Frances A. Koestler
AFB Press

The book outlines some of the trends and events in which the AFB (American Foundation for the Blind) has been associated. She includes institutionalization, education and training, sheltered and regular employment, development and sale of devices, welfare and Social Security, and activity in legislative issues. She describes the inner workings of the AFB and some of its more famous members, such as Helen Keller, as well as the difficulties it has observed with organizations comprised of the blind themselves.

The Disability Rights Movement

Doris Zames Fleischer and Frieda Zames
Temple University Press

"The book takes a historical look at the social context of the rights of the vast number of Americans who are disabled and the ever-evolving attitude toward them, from the time of Franklin Roosevelt to today. Also addressed are the multiple aspects of disability, with updated information about the 1990 Americans with Disabilities Act and a detailed chronology dating back to 1817."
Library Journal
The Ugly Laws
Disability in Public
Susan Schweik
NYU Press

"Schweik draws on a deep index of resources, from legal proceedings to out-of-print books, to tell the story of individuals long lost to history."
Publishers Weekly

Currently out of print


1993 Anna Julia Cooper Award for Distinguished Scholarship
1993 Letitia Woods Brown Memorial Anthology Prize
A Choice Outstanding Academic Book for 1993
Winner of the 1994 Dartmouth Medal

Black Women in America
An Historical Encyclopedia
Edited by Darlene Clark Hine, Elsa Barkley Brown and Rosalyn Terborg-Penn
Indiana University Press

"This fine encyclopedia belongs in every American home, school and library. The struggles and triumphs of African American women serve to inspire us all."
Marian Wright Edelman