European Immigrant History Resources
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American Memory
The Library of Congress has created an excellent site about American immigrants, including the forced immigration of Africans. The history includes the effect of the waves of immigrants on Native Americans. The groups covered include Germans, Irish, Scandinavians, Italians, Japanese, Mexicans, Chinese, Puerto Rican/Cuban, and Polish/Russian.

U. S. Immigration
This section of the Internet Modern History Sourcebook contains both documents and links with regard to immigration into the United States.

Views of the Famine
This site includes dozens of articles from newspapers of the time about the Irish Potato Famine of 1845-51, which sent so many people to seek refuge in the United States.

Ellis Island
This site features a timeline of immigration history that shows the forces that brought people from all over the world to America's shores. Another part of the site offers six stories of Americans from different backgrounds researching immigrant ancestry. Discovery of distant family members gave each of these Americans new insights into their families' pasts—and into themselves.

American West: European Emigration
This section of the American West website focuses on Swedish emigration to the United States as typical of the experience of various European peoples.





Girls at Ellis Island, 1911. National Archives.