Look at the picture to the right. Figure out what you already know about it. Start by sticking to the simple facts.

You can see it is a group of boys and men. The boys are holding something. What are they holding?

Now look at the picture again. Can you discover something about where they are? Right away you can see they are outside. It looks like a city because they are standing on a sidewalk in front of a big building.

Now what can you discover about when this picture was taken? The people are wearing old-fashioned clothes, so it's probably an old picture. Also, no one is wearing a heavy coat, so it's not wintertime. And it looks like it's daytime.

If you look more closely at the picture you can find a really big clue. It might help you answer even more questions.


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How to Look at a Photograph (page 2)

It's a little hard to read, but the name of the newspaper is "Cincinnati Times-Star." The lettering behind the name of the newspaper reads "Sporting Extra." Great clues! Now we know that these boys are in Cincinnati. Have you ever seen a movie where a boy is selling newspapers, yelling, "Extra! Extra! Read all about it!" If you have, it might make you realize that these boys are probably selling these newspapers.