Prom Couple
Photographer unknown

Florida State Archives, Image # PR11882
Caption or known information: Portrait of a couple at their prom, Lincoln High School, Tallahassee, Florida, 1956.

General Discussion Questions

What was the purpose of this photograph?

Who do you think took it?

When do you think this photograph was taken?

What do you notice in the picture?

Does anything in the picture surprise you?

Questions to ask before introducing the caption:

Where was this picture taken? (Senior Prom, someplace called Lincoln)

How old are these people? (They are teenagers)

Do they like each other? What evidence supports your answer? (Possible response: They like each other because they went to the prom together and they are sitting close to each other.)

Are they rich or poor? What evidence supports your answer? (Possible response: They are rich because they have on very nice
clothes. Possible response: You can't tell because everyone dresses up for the prom.)

Is Lincoln the name of the town or the high school or both?

Are the spots on his pants confetti or just spots on the picture?

After reading the caption:
Where is Florida? Is it in the north or the south?

Possible research questions:
Do you think these students go to an all black or a integrated school?

What was life like for black people in Tallahassee, Florida in the 1950s?

What happened in 1954 that would affect students in the South?