Beach Umbrella
Photographer unknown

Austin/Thompson Collection

This photograph was purchased in a large lot from eBay. It was part of a group of photographs of a family we have not been able to identify.

Discussion Questions

What was the purpose of this photograph?

Who do you think took it?

What do you notice in the picture?
(The toys are all "boys' toys.")

Do you think the boy is happy?

Do you think the girl is happy?
(Be sure to accept and encourage different interpretations of her expression and posture.)

Do you think you can tell anything about these children and their relationship from this one picture?

Imagine what the next photograph taken might show.

When do you think this photograph was taken?
(Judging from the children's clothing and the toys, it was taken in the 1960s.With younger children, you may have to simply give them this information and explain how you know it.)